The high cost of satellite bandwidth is providing a strong incentive for cellular operators to consider alternatives to the traditional SCPC /drop-and-insert approach for satellite backhaul of 2G and 2.5G cellular traffic. Adding 3G / 4G / LTE to the mix has presented new challenges for operators. The biggest challenge facing many carriers today is how to carry TDM and IP-based traffic side-by-side in the same network, and how to maximize the efficiency of those circuits. The traditional approach to optimization does not address these questions. LinkSat has developed a unique approach to maximizing bandwidth efficiency for satellite and wireless mobile backhaul that addresses the traditional problems with TDM optimization, while at the same time addressing the new challenges presented by IP-based traffic.

Outperforms WAN and A-BIS Optimizers

The LinkIP is a unique satellite bandwidth efficiency solution that was specifically designed for maximizing data throughput over satellite links. The LinkIP is not to be confused with WAN Optimization Controllers (WOCs), or A-bis optimizers. The primary difference to the approaches taken by A-bis optimizers and the LinkIP is the layer on which the data is being handled.



A-bis optimizers operate on the application layer. These optimizers do deep packet inspection to perform tasks like Idle Channel Suppression, Silence Removal, and HDLC flag removal. The LinkIP takes a much simpler and more effective approach. It performs its functions by operating between the link layer and physical layers. LinkShrink, LinkSat's proprietary lossless compression engine performs a stream compression of all data regardless of data type, protocol, or anything else. It is completely protocol agnostic.

The main advantages of the LinkIP approach over A-bis optimizers are:
Efficiency - it typically outperforms A-bis optimizers in bandwidth efficiency by 25% or more;
because it is a stream compression system, it compresses both headers and packet payload
Flexibility - because the LinkIP is protocol independent, it compresses any type of data it gets without distinction, hence can improve efficiencies on multi service links, that may include 2G data, 3G data, Internet traffic,or any other type of IP traffic.
Performance – the LinkIP provides a higher quality of service due to the fact that its compression is lossless, and the LinkIP's full featured router has powerful QoS and multipoint dynamic IP routing capabilities.
LinkIP diagram LinkIP diagram

High Efficiency Gains With Low Capital Investment

The LinkIP gives network operators the ability to improve network efficiency for a relatively small capital investment by leveraging existing network assets. It interfaces with any standard SCPC satellite modem, and can interface with the modem via synchronous serial (RS-422/530, V.35) or Ethernet. This capability makes the LinkIP an ideal drop-in bandwidth efficiency solution for existing cellular backhaul networks.

Unmatched Performance

No other solution available can match the efficiency and capabilities of the LinkIP solution for 2G / 3G mobile backhaul. LinkSat/s unique approach can seamlessly transition the base station sites from 2G to 3G, and can run 2G and 3G side-by-side over the same carrier.