LinkSat's unique approach to bandwidth savings can be likened to improving fuel efficiency in automobiles. Rather than relying on a single technological breakthrough, LinkSat takes some unique approaches to solving some old problems. LinkSat's software and hardware makes improvements to processes in the entire transmission / reception chain that result in significant overall efficiency gains. The LinkIP mixes some technological innovation with some fine tuning and improvements to existing processes to achieve its savings, similar to how a hybrid gasoline-electric car achieves its fuel efficiency.

The LinkIP is a customizable bandwidth efficient IP networking toolbox that has numerous capabilities.  Simply put, it is a networking appliance that a user can install at each network site that can cut bandwidth costs in half.  It is a networking equivalent of a Swiss army knife, utilizing a unique combination of IP routing, data compression and low-overhead over-the-air transport to achieve its high efficiency. auto analagy graphic


The hybrid car takes advantage of improvements to existing technology, such as high mileage tires and continuously variable transmissions. These incremental efficiency improvements to existing technologies are combined with the breakthrough technology of the computer-controlled electric motor drive to double or triple fuel efficiency over traditional internal-combustion power plant based vehicles. The LinkIP utilizes incremental improvements to existing IP routing and transport encapsulation. Additionally, it exploits the natural broadcast advantage of satellite communications by adding dynamic IP routing capabilities to multipoint network architectures. The breakthrough technology added to these improvements is LinkSat's LinkShrink lossless compression engine.diagram of savings


The combination of all of these incremental efficiency improvements can result in 2x or more in improvement on data throughput in existing satellite data links. The exact amount of efficiency improvement, of course, depends on the type of data being transported. Certain types of data will not achieve high efficiency gains, for example MPEG compressed video and encrypted data traffic is not nearly as compressible as http data or typical database files. A 2X improvement in efficiency can translate to higher data throughput on existing circuits, or a reduction in bandwidth costs without a reduction of data rates.