Optimal Bandwidth

Adding LinkIPs to existing offshore communications networks can realize throughput improvements of 5-6x with the LinkIP's unique combination of lossless data compression, layer 1.5 routing and over-the-air transport makes it the ideal solution for:

LinkIP Offshore and Remote Area Communications & Applications
Communications Medium include:
Microwave links
GEO and Inmarsat satellites
Applications include:
Voice and video communications
Cellular network connection
Real time transfer of mission critical offshore data to onshore offices
Internet / Intranet connectivity
Offshore Remote and Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Rigs
Offshore Ship to Shore Communication Links
Offshore Remotely Located Mining Facilities
Offshore Graphics

The LinkIP enables the user in the above example to transmit and receive 2 MBPS of data traffic over a 1 MBPS satellite link, for a 2x improvement on throughput. Actual customers have realized much more bandwidth gain as a result of adding LinkIPs to their networks. One customer with an offshore rig in the South China Sea regularly uploads large data files from the rig to onshore HQ. Before installation of LinkIPs, the uploads typically took 2 hours. After the LinkIP was installed the same data file uploads were accomplished in 18 minutes. That represents a >6x throughput improvement.