Satellite bandwidth is a very expensive and scarce resource, and frequently represents the single largest OPEX component for service providers. A need exists for a low CAPEX solution that can be overlaid into existing SCPC Swiss Army Knifesatellite networks that will improve bandwidth efficiency. LinkSat developed the LinkIP in response to this need.

The LinkIP is a customizable bandwidth efficient IP networking toolbox that has numerous capabilities.  Simply put, it is a networking appliance that a user can install at each network site that can cut bandwidth costs in half.  It is a networking equivalent of a Swiss army knife, utilizing a unique combination of IP routing, data compression and low-overhead over-the-air transport to achieve its high efficiency.

Although initially designed as a platform for satellite bandwidth management, it has evolved into a feature rich toolset that provides the following:

Powerful IP policy based router – multi-port LAN-WAN router
Pseudo-wire – point-to-point and bridged network connection capability over satellite
LinkShrink compression engine –proprietary lossless data compression system
LinkCast transport – custom high-efficiency over-the-air protocol
Peer-to-Peer networking – full mesh IP networking capability that effectively turns the satellite into an Ethernet switch in the sky


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